Student Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Supporting vulnerable students

Isolation and uncertainty can have a significant impact on wellbeing. Throughout lockdown, many students were struggling with a lack of purpose or routine, keeping their mind active and maintaining healthy relationships.

Mental health charity Student Minds reports evidence that “Students, in particular, have been more likely to feel anxious, hopeless, experience suicidal thoughts, and self-harm” (Planning For a Sustainable Future: the import of university mental health in uncertain times, June 2020).

Our current support services

As the country continues to open up, Sussex is doing all we can to support our students’ mental health and wellbeing:

  • Our Health Centre doctors are consulting over the phone
  • Counsellors are providing online sessions each week
  • Trained Wellbeing student ambassadors are offering peer support through ‘Tea and Talk’ conversations (like Ava, in the video above!) 

The need has never been greater

Over the last 18 months, our students have needed more help from us than ever before. In fact, Sussex has provided support for 2,500 students experiencing mental health issues since the first lockdown began. Support from people like you has helped to make this happen.    

For example, we have introduced additional support from mental health and occupational health nurses - to help more students develop strategies for managing their wellbeing, while continuing their studies in a changing environment.

Please help us to continue caring for those who need it, when they need it, by making a gift today.

What your support means to our students

Your kindness will have a real impact on someone who is struggling, like this second year undergraduate:

“It has been mentally, physically and emotionally draining not knowing what will happen next. It has not helped that I am also an International student away from home and alone.

Anxiety brought on from final exams, expenses and the pandemic is becoming quite overwhelming.” 

Please click the donate button above to make your gift today.

100% of your donation will go towards supporting students in situations like this.

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