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Supporting our community

In such uncertain times, we can all make a difference through small acts of kindness. Since the first lockdown began, the University of Sussex has provided:

  • Over £1 million in hardship support to our students
  • Support for 2,500 students experiencing mental health issues

You can be a lifeline for someone in need

Much of this help has been made possible thanks to generous donations from people like you: our alumni, staff and friends of the University.

Yet many of our students - such as Terri, who tells her story in the video above - are still facing impossible situations that they never could have planned for.

Some are still struggling to pay their rent after losing their jobs or internships. Others are battling with mental health issues as a result of the uncertainty and isolation that the pandemic has brought about.

What does your help mean to our students?

In the words of one of our hardship award recipients:

“I've been so worried about what the future holds since I lost my job. The impact has been huge as I have to pay the rent and bills for myself, my partner and my brother.

Our only source of income is now my student finance award, which will not cover all these outgoings. Asking my parents for help isn’t an option, as they have also been affected by the pandemic.

It’s difficult to explain in words how much this award means to me. It’s made an astronomical difference to my situation, especially my mental health.” 

As long as the pandemic impacts our community, your support will be a lifeline for those who need it most.

Gifts of all sizes, large and small, add up to make a real difference.  

Click on the text below to find out more about Student Hardship and Mental Health - or click Donate to help change someone's life today.

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