Student Hardship

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Will you help a student in real financial need?

As you read this, a huge number of Sussex students are facing financial hardship. Many have lost the part-time and casual jobs that they relied on to support themselves. They are now unable to afford basic payments such as rent, bills and food.

Supporting those who need it most

Among the students in this position are some of the most vulnerable members of our community:

  • Students estranged from their families, with no support networks of their own to call on
  • International students, thousands of miles away from loved ones and whose funding may have fallen away
  • Students who juggled several jobs with their studies to make ends meet and have now lost their main source of income

With a gift to the Hardship Fund, you can help to ensure they keep a roof over their heads - and continue on towards fulfilling their potential by completing their studies.

What does your help mean to our students?

In the words of Nauris Kalnins (First Year, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence):

"The three jobs that I've been working to support myself while studying are no longer offering me any hours. My internship has been cancelled. I simply can't afford to pay my rent, as well as buy food and other essentials.

It’s only with help from our alumni community that I'm surviving the current situation.”

Please click the donate button above to make your gift today. 

100% of your donation will go towards helping students like Nauris.

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