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Hardship awards from the Sussex Fund help UK and international students overcome their financial troubles so they can go on to complete their studies at a time when they face economic difficulty.

It’s one of the reasons Sussex was named as University of the Year for Student Retention in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022. These awards single out Sussex as the best in the country for supporting students to stay the course and complete their degrees.

Rising costs disproportionately affect students

Students now face increasingly harsh financial barriers to accessing and continuing their studies. Since 2020, the University of Sussex saw a 60% rise in student hardship award applications and this level has remained constant ever since.

Now, with a cost of living crisis, inflation exceeding 10% in the UK and maintenance loans for eligible students having only increased by 2.8% this year, studying for a degree has never been more expensive or prohibitive for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The power of giving

A small gift becomes life-changing. It not only relieves financial pressures but can also have a positive impact on their mental health and well-being, allowing them to focus more on their studies and make the most of their time at Sussex.

“I've been so worried about what the future holds since I lost my job. The impact has been huge as I have to pay the rent and bills for myself, my partner and my brother. Our only source of income is now my student finance award, which will not cover all these outgoings. Asking my parents for help isn’t an option. It’s difficult to explain in words how much this award means to me. It’s made an astronomical difference to my situation, especially my mental health.”Hardship award recipient

“I am so happy to be awarded this award as a hardship award. The grant was approved at a time I was considering abandoning my academic studies … it will help relieve the pressure of raising funds to support my situation.” - Hardship award recipient

Your support

Will you make a gift today and provide other students with a transformative gift? Your kindness will help change the course of someone’s life and put them on the path to success at Sussex and beyond. 

Students also receive guidance in managing their finances so they can plan out the future, and hopefully avoid further financial challenges.

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