Student Hardship

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Sussex Fund Hardship Grants

These awards support students who find themselves in financial difficulty through no fault of their own, and who may not be able to complete their course as a result.

As we have all discovered recently, unexpected circumstances can affect anyone. For our students, this can mean having to give up a university education if, for example, a family member falls ill and can no longer support them – or if a students’ home country is caught up in conflict, and their channels for funding have been frozen or wiped out.

Hardship during Lockdown

Last year, hundreds of Sussex students lost the part-time jobs they relied on to pay for essentials like rent, bills and food. Among the students in this position were some of the most vulnerable members of our community:

  • Students estranged from their families, with no support networks of their own to call on
  • International students, thousands of miles away from loved ones and whose funding may have fallen away
  • Students who juggled several jobs with their studies to make ends meet and have now lost their main source of income

The power of giving  

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Sussex Fund supporters, we were able to support over 1,000 students in financial hardship, allowing them to make essential payments, reduce stress and anxiety, and continue with their studies. 

As the country reopens, this support remains essential for many students with little or no help to call on. As above, situations can change in an instant for many of our students, especially those like Terri, who’s full story you can watch on the homepage of this website. Simply click on the University of Sussex logo at the top of this page.  

100% of your donation will go towards helping students like Terri.

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