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The American Friends

From scholarships and prizes to a wide range of research programmes in the Sciences and Humanities, the transformative impact of the Friends can be felt far and wide across the University of Sussex.

Support the Friends of Sussex

By giving to the Friends of the University of Sussex you are supporting American students to study at Sussex as well as important research projects.

Friends Scholarship Programme

Every year, the Friends of the University of Sussex aim to support one American student with a Scholarship. This is made possible thanks to generous donations from our US-based alumni.

The impact of a Friends of the University of Sussex Scholarship goes beyond simply providing the financial means to study for a masters degree; it sets talented students firmly on the path to achieving their academic and personal potential.

The chance to live abroad and experience other cultures provides them with an incredible life experience. At Sussex, our Friends Scholars study in an international environment alongside people from across the world, and they make lifelong friendships.

So many of our American alumni treasure their memories of Sussex: picnics in Stanmer Park, walks across the South Downs, the vibrancy of Brighton and the metropolitan buzz of London. At Sussex, we believe all these things are essential ingredients to a good university experience.

“I am so grateful for the support in this new journey of mine. It has already changed my life and I am getting to have an experience most people can only dream of. This year will be so beneficial for my future and helping me find a job where I can help implement rewilding and conservation efforts through landscape architecture.” - Juliahna, Friends of the Univeristy of Sussex Scholar 23/24

Your Support

Every gift we receive, big and small, makes a huge difference. Thank you for your support.

The Friends of the University of Sussex 

The Friends of the University of Sussex is a registered American 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation in good standing. The Friends organisation accepts charitable gifts from alumni, students, parents and friends in support of the University of Sussex. Charitable gifts to the Friends organisation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The US EIN Tax Number for the Friends of the University of Sussex is 31-1506862.

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